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YouTube Self-Help Rabbit Hole

I’m doing it all. Nofap, Intermitted fasting, and cold showers. I just watched a bunch of videos that the algorithm fed me and now I’m part of a cult of redditers that are determined to break out of the millennial curse. And honestly, all this shit is what religions of many cultures practiced anyways–so what the hey!

I’m on my second week and feel full of energy. Could be a placebo but who cares!? I’m doing something, folks. This is getting personal and embarrassing but I figure I will have to delete this blog or make it private once I force myself to professionally do what I actually want to do in life: comedy.

Then I’ll most likely transform this website into a boring business card type thing with a demo reel, tour dates, bio, and contact page. That’s right, folks! Archive this shit while you can so you can sell it to TMZ. Ha!

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