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What do YOU do?

Incoming negative rant:

Seriously, fuck people. I’m in a bad mood cause I’m sick despite feeling a bit better today. It’s amazing how irritable you can get while being sick. I honestly can’t stand the people around me in public nor the people at work. I have to take a second to cool off after something ticks me off so I understand if it’s legit or not. It’s so much easier to believe people are piles of shit cause generally they are which means chances are high that I’m a pile of shit too. 

I think the difference is–here we go, let me defend myself–that I am an introvert and keep to myself while others fucking look, talk, and cough without taking other people in consideration.

Another thing could be the time of day. For instance, Thursdays I start work late so when I commute I’m on the train with people who have a high probability they don’t work regular jobs or at all. They all look and act like pieces of shit. So this is a clear soci0-economic factor I can use as a metric of shittiness. In this case, it’s my fault I don’t  drive in my car and pay the premium to park my vehicle in exchange for privacy and comfort.

Anyways, typing this shit at least helps me vent instead of getting high blood pressure or  doing and saying something stupid in public. In the end, do something creative to help you cope in a positive way.

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