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Low Energy

I know this is getting kinda mopey since I got sick but hey–we’re getting back to our LiveJournal roots. I think the positive of getting sick is appreciating health and realizing there were so many things you could be doing when you weren’t sick–why weren’t you doing them? I guess getting sick is like being on drugs, you gain a new perspective from the altered state you are in. I honestly can’t wait until I am feeling better again just to do random shit with my time like go somewhere for no reason whatsoever. 

I got my brakes repaired on my car so I have no excuse but the weather. I also draw parallels with my health to the weather. This winter is shit and I can’t wait until it is spring so I can do things. I know I can technically do things now but the dreary weather makes a great excuse to be mopey. I will keep this momentum going so I can hit spring with a rolling start. Yay!! That’s positive.

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