in Standup


I was supposed to do an open mic this Monday and hopefully every Monday but I have the shits. I have contracted a terrible stomach flu and have been blowing shit bubbles out of my ass for the past week. I think I lost 10 lbs.

Anyways, Ben still went out and did two shows and gave me a full report. I’m glad he did those shows because it made me realize something really basic about writing new material which I have long forgotten:

Write material that I find funny. I have been thinking too hard trying to come up with jokes others will find funny. That is not how to do it. The good stuff are the things I personally think will be funny (to myself, me, Billy) to say or do in front of a live audience. Troll the audience. Bombard them with Tetris blocks of nonsense I giggle at alone in my room. Be my goddamn self. This sounds like basic Tony Robbins self help bullshit but I keep forgetting it so I need to remind myself on the daily.

So my goal for next open mic is to bombard the audience with the shit I find funny and then take note to what we both find funny. Then take that shit and expand on it.

What I learned: If it doesn’t make me laugh, fuck it.

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