Greetings NLC Members!

Here it is; the March Issue of Nellie Love Club!

Due to an overwhelming response and tons of new members from around the globe, we have
expanded a bit. You may have noticed the name change and the new website. This website
was created so members who have missed an issue or new members can view back issues at
anytime. We are working on gathering funds to register a domain name. If you'd like to help
donate you are welcome to using the website and paypal.

Nellie Love Club Website

This month's pictures shows what Nellie goes through every night; staring down her
"Can Opener" to get off the computer and come to bed. Nellie refuses to sleep without
him by her side. He should be ashamed of himself. Not only is he disturbing his own sleep
but cutting into Nellie's beauty sleep. When will these human's stop being so selfish?

Have a great month,

- The Nellie Love Club Mailing List Team

P.S. If you have some friends who would like to be added or you think should be added to the
mailing list just forward their email address to with the subject:
Nellie or simply refer them to the website.