Greetings NLC Members!

Welcome to the April Fools Issue of Nellie Love Club!

I hope no one got too upset with the exclusive mailing list's April fools prank. Nellie is fine and well sitting in
my lap as I type this.

Spring is finally here! The snow has melted away and smiles are blossoming on people's faces. The weather
and sunlight has a rejuvenating effect on the town's folk as they are finally breaking free of their fear and enjoying the
war on television. Furthermore, people are panicing over the SARS epidemic and news stations are kept busy
filling their commerical time slots.

This month is also special because most of us are receiving our University and College acceptance letters.
Yes, the nostalgic and musky smell of academia is looming its broomstick for our tender ends. Many are scrambling
for that summer job or enjoying their inherited wealth on a tropical getaway-from-me. I for one have no
clue...or maybe I do and just not telling. However, I do know that the new Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for
Nintendo Gamecube is a work of art and makes me happy for the time being, just like my cat Nellie.
Bandage to bandage eventually the wound will heal.

Have a great month,

- The Nellie Love Club Mailing List Team

P.S. If you have some friends who would like to be added or you think should be added to the
mailing list just forward their email address to with the subject:
Nellie or simply refer them to the website.