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Growing Weed in Japan

It was the year 2006. I had just turned 23 and was living in Shizuoka, Japan while teaching English and growing marijuana in my sliding door closet. My father had mailed me seeds upon request and I acquired all my grow supplies from “The Daiso” 100-yen shop across the street from my cramped little danchi apartment. It took me 4 months to grow from start to finish and if I was ever caught, I would’ve been facing up to 12 years’ imprisonment.

Ever since I left Japan I have mentioned to my friends here in Canada that I grew weed on the other side of the world but no one believed me. I finally decided to share the photos that I recently unearthed from an old hard drive as proof of this proud accomplishment. It’s interesting to see in the news the gradual legalization of marijuana across the globe and the changing attitudes surrounding the green herb. Here is a visual chronicle of a time and place I will always look fondly back on.

Coming soon in part 2: stories of Smoking Weed in Japan.

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