Getting Sick Sucks

It’s been a while since I got sick. I didn’t get the flu last year which was a first. I think what I currently got is a bad cold. I’m on day 3 but I feel much better. I can’t tell if I got it from emptying out the vacuum and breathing in some hell dust or eating a burrito from some shit store. Either way, I feel my recovery time has gotten faster cause I know to rest and I’m in overall better shape then I used to be.

It sucks cause I lost a blog post from yesterday and I haven’t been to the gym for two days. Oh well. I figure it’s best to rest and recover fast then drag this out the entire week.

Anyways, I’ll cut this post short since I’ll only end up whining when I should be sleeping.

Take care xoxo


It’s funny I always feel compelled to blog when I get a new device to type on. I really DO want to blog again. Specially after finishing off my 2nd draft of my thesis. I might think about doing a website overall because this WordPress blog seems to load real slow. Meh.