Behold: My New Podcast!

I always wanted to do a podcast. This thing is going to be my new personal outlet. The first few episodes are going to be me interviewing my dad about his past. Hopefully it’ll get really awkward and uncomfortable. Enjoy!

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I was supposed to do an open mic this Monday and hopefully every Monday but I have the shits. I have contracted a terrible stomach flu and have been blowing shit bubbles out of my ass for the past week. I think I lost 10 lbs.

Anyways, Ben still went out and did two shows and gave me a full report. I’m glad he did those shows because it made me realize something really basic about writing new material which I have long forgotten:

Write material that I find funny. I have been thinking too hard trying to come up with jokes others will find funny. That is not how to do it. The good stuff are the things I personally think will be funny (to myself, me, Billy) to say or do in front of a live audience. Troll the audience. Bombard them with Tetris blocks of nonsense I giggle at alone in my room. Be my goddamn self. This sounds like basic Tony Robbins self help bullshit but I keep forgetting it so I need to remind myself on the daily.

So my goal for next open mic is to bombard the audience with the shit I find funny and then take note to what we both find funny. Then take that shit and expand on it.

What I learned: If it doesn’t make me laugh, fuck it.

Open Mic #1 – Imperial Pub, Toronto

Did my first open mic in a long time thanks to the support of two good buddies and fellow comedians. Showed up an hour early to get on the list and ended up second last performing.

The set didn’t go too well but I wouldn’t consider it a bomb. I started off spritzing well with the audience until I threw out a Lil’ B reference no one got. People immediately started to listen and care when I told them I am crazy and rarely leave the house (possible bit.)

After that I started to do some hackney bullshit I thought up on the train there which failed because I wasn’t committed to it.

What I learned: figure out the stage persona I want to present and stick to that one voice cause shit was not working.

That whole set had to be less than 2 minutes.