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People think anime is stupid when in reality a lot of good anime is deceptively profound.  Like any other type of TV show you have to give it a few episodes before you can pass judgement. With anime, you sometimes have to give them half a season to build a world and characters before they blow your mind with an earth shatter twist that makes you question your own reality. I can go through examples but that would be spoiling everything which defeats the point of reaching the ‘Ah-ha!’ moment in a story arc.

I know. This still sounds really stupid but you have to trust me. Shows I watched and liked a lot from last year are: Made in Abyss, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection, and Land of Lustrous.

If you like watching conspiracy theory videos on YouTube, beautifully drawn cartoons, and softcore porno, you will love anime. Trust me on this.

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